Becoming a Member of the Thompson Middle School PFA:

Join the PFA by creating a Membership Toolkit account & paying for membership. Click here to join.

Questions about Membership? Click here to email membership chair. 

Once you confirm, update, or enter your family/student information, you have the option to pay for your membership either through Paypal. Once we confirm that you have a student registered at Thompson, you will be granted access to the directory. 


Why Join the Thompson Middle School PFA?

  • Make friends.  Make memories.  Make a difference.

  • Get Connected. By being involved in your child’s school community you benefit the school, and ultimately your child. There’s no better way to know what is happening in your child’s school and the district.  We are a large school in a large town.  Stay informed by joining us at our monthly PFA meetings.

  • Get a weekly newsletter via email.  We send emails out on Sunday with details of the coming weeks activities. 

  • Witness Improvement. By being an active member in your child’s school’s PFA you can make positive changes.  The PFA is the #1 driving force in fundraising to provide our students with curriculum-based enrichment programs, social events, and supplemental building improvements.

  • Be a Role Model. Most importantly, by becoming a member of our PFA, you will be demonstrating to your child the importance you place on their education and being an active member of the school community.

What does the Thompson Middle School PFA provide to our School Community with our fundraising dollars?

PFA Provides Educational Enrichment for Our Children!

  • Funds speakers to combat bullying, alcohol and drug abuse, suicide prevention and internet safety and more

  • Contributes to after school clubs

  • Brings you Peer Mediation

  • Funds Bottle Capper Breakfast

  • Treats the Hoops for Hearts winners to a healthy breakfast

  • Subsidizes our class trips


 PFA Supports Our School!

  • Gives teacher grants to purchase supplemental materials to enrich our school. 

  • Gifts school a large gift at the end of each year. Funded the front landscaping and clean up of the outdoor enclosed area for the students to enjoy as well as a golf cart equipped with heart machine for sports teams

  • Annually purchases books for library

  • Annually provides a daily planner to every student

  • Funds a pizza party for all sports players at the end of each season

  • Hosts Honor Roll Breakfast three times per year

  • Gives the 8th graders breakfast and dinner dance

  • Funds student scholarships

  • Hosts Staff Appreciation breakfast and lunches

  • Hosts Staff, Thompson Singers and Band for Thanksgiving breakfast


PFA Volunteers and Keeps You Informed! 

  • Provides Volunteer support for dances and school activities whenever needed

  • Keeps you informed of upcoming events

  • Supports Thompson Middle School and many events and activities throughout the school year.

  • Provides a school directory to our members

So become a member! Join us at our PFA meetings.  Choose to become a Chairperson or a member of a committee.  We look forward to working with you to make Thompson Middle School the best it can be!